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Evolve Mental Health's mission is to create a foundational mental wellness company that embraces innovative patient-centric treatment care. Evolve MNH promotes clinical excellence and client access to high quality mental healthcare by partnering with leading practitioners. Traditional therapy and medication in conjunction with nutrition, exercise, and sleep plans can often improve patient symptoms. Evolve MNH will offer access to and help patients formulate customized, integrated plans encompassing the entire spectrum of self-care. 

Evolve  is a newly formed company organized to seek partnerships with psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists, and holistic wellness providers. We support the mental health community by providing business operations, technology and marketing support while offering practitioners and patients additional resources to improve outcomes. Furthermore, Evolve utilizes an equity structure to allow all Evolve Team members the opportunity to participate in long term economic value creation. Evolve’s goal is not only to build a company that improves patient care, but to build a company where the primary economic beneficiaries are the Evolve clinicians and team members.

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